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  • Urban Coup

    Urban Coup

    A fascinating 2 part insight into the workings of our friends in Nightingales Urban Coup in the heart of Brunswick, just look at that wonderful communal space. I had a wonderful time there.  

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  • Darren Ray climatology

    Darren Ray is well known across South Australia for his work as a meteorologist and climatologist for over 17 years since 2002 with the Bureau of Meteorology. He is currently doing a PhD in climate science at Adelaide University. This is compelling listening.  

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  • Professor Qumsiyeh

    Professor Qumsiyeh

    I was honoured to be able to record this brief interview with Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh here on unceded Kaurna land where I live. He and his wife Jessie Chang moved back to Palestine in 2008 and put their life savings towards setting up the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability of Bethlehem University. You can…

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  • Dr Amanda Ruler MAPW

    Dr Amanda Ruler MAPW

    Dr. Amanda Ruler is a Registered Nurse, with 45 years of clinical experience in the city and the bush.  Her qualifications include a double major degree in Biology and Psychology, Honours in Psychology, PhD in research. She has been a Vice President of the Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) for about 14 years.…

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  • Jim Green FOE

    Jim Green FOE

    Dr Jim Green, Friends of the Earth anti-nuclear campaigner gives a frank and fascinating reflection in 2 parts on the past and current situation in terms of nuclear status in Australia.

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  • Andy Alcock

    Andy Alcock

    Listen to Andy Alcock’s 2 part fascinating order of events and below is a very comprehensive time frame of events, put together by Andy. The photograph is From the left: Donald Barnes (final treasurer), Rosemary McKay (final chairperson), Dr Richie Gun (longest serving chairperson & final secretary) & Andy Alcock (final information officer). The woman…

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  • Lyn Longo’s story

    Lyn Longo’s story

    After her and her late husband Don spent over a year of their life recording and transcribing 57 South Australian activist’s stories for the SA History Trust, Lyn has now begun to tell her life story. Tragically, due to systemic failures in our health system for Don Logo it was the last year of his…

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  • Emilis Prelgauskas

    Emilis Prelgauskas

    Part 1 Emilis Prelgauskas A fascinating glimpse into what constitutes a building performance specialist, covering compliance and developers minimalism and much more. Part 2  Climate change induced disasters, mitigation and in both sprinklings of the early days of Christie Walk. Emilis is a building performance specialist. His working life crosses the spectrum of built environment…

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