We honour and respect  the first people of Australia, the world’s oldest living  continuing culture. We acknowledge that Aboriginal people’s story telling is the handbook for life, and goes back over many generations. So called western tradition often involves  the quite dispassionate collection of data, knowledge and ideas. That is not our way. Our intention is to inform  a regenerative future for us all, by collecting and integrating stories; stories of this land, stories that recognise Indigenous wisdom and stewardship and allowing those stories to inform our future.  This involves going back to go forward at the same time and in time. That’s what regeneration means; to re-create, revive, restore, and bring into existence again. Perhaps by going back and respecting and acknowledging the First Australians and their stewardship of the land we can in some way redeem ourselves from doctrines like Terra Nullius which hold us back as a nation.

In this section we will listen, and hear, and acknowledge the effects colonisation has had, and continues to have, on our communities.

Watch this space for peoples stories and pictures coming soon.