The Adelaide South West Community Centre opened to the public in 2005 in leased premises in Sturt Street after considerable behind-the-scenes work by local residents and Council.  Since 2005 it has become the central hub for strengthening the local community. The property changed hands in 2018 and the Council secured two extensions to the lease.  In February 2021 the owner will take possession of the premises and although Council resolved in August 2018 that the Centre will continue close by, the community is concerned about its future. Sue talks to Marjon Martin, Secretary, Susan Collins, Chair, Jeffrey Collins, Committee Member on behalf of the South West City Community Association Inc. Listen to part 1 and 2 here.

Local leader

Greg is a well known local identity, his resume includes numerous executive positions in South Australia, currently the CEO of the History Trust of SA. Most people would remember him as the founder and Chairman of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and former co-owner and managing director of Imprints Booksellers. In part 1 of this interview he talks about his vision for a sustainable inclusive future


In part 2 he tells us of what he hopes to to contribute as a recently elected Adelaide City Council member


Sustainable Prosperity

This second interview with Gabie was conducted on the land of the Kaurna people and it captures this unique moment in time hopefully coming out of the pandemic. Gabie talks about the 10 week iso on line sessions she hosted and where to from there. It will be very interesting to look back on in a few months. She also promotes Stephanie Kelton’s book the Deficit Myth and the plan to get as many people as possible to read it, including politicians.



Mark Allen, writing a new story



This interview with Mark took place on Kaurna land, sovereignty never ceded.

The pandemic is forcing the world to change its behaviour and it’s waking us up to the fact that what we had before was just a story and that we are quite capable of writing a new one.

And we absolutely need to write a new one. It is really important that we build on the changes in behaviour that we are seeing now, so that something good and long- lasting can come out of this. We must not return to the real estate and developer driven system that we had before. There is no place for a concrete driven economy that is responsible for forty percent of emissions and forty percent of waste whilst thousands continue to struggle to find a decent home. These are the words of town planner Mark Allen who has set up 2 interwoven groups, town planning rebellion (TPR) and Holistic Activism. We only ask that you reach out and connect with us on those areas where we share common ground. Listen for more here.

Indigenous Knowledge

We respect and acknowledge the Kaurna peoples’ custodianship of this land. This 2 part recording was done at Christie Walk some years ago. Elder Uncle Lewis O’Brien gives a fascinating insight into ‘the old ways’ of knowing and understanding about the importance of fire, the land and waterways. There is some annoying shuffling sounds in the beginning as people make themselves comfortable but what he says is gold.

ARID, there’s job opportunities everywhere

Part one

Andrew of Andrew Rogers Industrial Design (ARID) outlines his company’s creativity and capacity to adapt to quickly produce what is so desperately needed all around the world, PPE. He is demonstrating the Ned’s head shield in the photo.

Part two

Andrew talks about some of the things Australia could do to become more self sufficient and to encourage innovation