Importance of early learning

Part 1 and 2 of a wonderful chat I had with Mel Angel and Ned Baulderstone on the importance of early childhood learning and language and place. A fine example of what can be achieved and the benefits that can come from a collaboration with children, teachers, artists and in this case a Kaurna cultural advisor Ngaitalya Tamaru. Part 2 has Ned singing some catchy little songs that came about through that collaboration.


Indy Genoa presenter

this is the short story of Indy, in readiness for his presentation at the GENOA Re-store, Re-story seminar. The long story will follow

Indy lives in a community house in the SF Bay Area – The name of our community project is “The Perch” because we have an amazing view of the SF, the Golden Gate bridge, the ocean and the world! Tons of birds come hang out with us throughout the day. And we get to see the big picture while diving into our little pictures. it’s about living in a community that is active with supporting neighbors and people in need. We get deer visitors often and have an awesome nature reserve in our backyard (literally)



Cindy Sweats personal pandemic

this podcast captures what happens when you put into lockdown for well over 100 days, a performer, an artist, an extrovert, and an amazing business woman who transformed her story and her way of being into a lockdown coping mechanism for other people that ended up making a profit in a time when so many artists were going broke . And this is all the while she is slipping into her own version of madness.

There are 3 stories here, Cindy the Safety banana performer, Cindy in lockdown and how she gets through it and the Cindy Sweats post viral performer.






riseup singing for climate change



these songs speak for themselves

gentle angry people

people gonna rise like the water

we need to build a better future and we need to do it now

BLM 1and 2

Psychiatrist Dr Nick was incredibly generous with his time and expertise. In these 2 episodes he talks about the Black Lives Matter movement, the situation in Hong Kong and other anxiety triggers. Unfortunately there is a lot of background noise in the recording, but what he says is so worth hearing.


the perils of privatisation

Julie was a union delegate in the catering section of a large public hospital where she worked for 20+years. In that time she never worried about job security. Now in the era of privatisation her colleagues will not enjoy that same security. It is alarming that even though the pandemic has exposed the risks involved in casualised and privatised workplaces no lessons have been learned, privatisation is still on the government’s agenda. Listen to part 1 and 2 of Julie’s story.