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PAM, progressive Australia Movement with an interview with Malcolm McDonnell and below a paper on localisation. Localization – towards greater community empowerment We have climate change. And the threat is severe. The very existence of all human life on earth is jeopardized. Climate change needs a strong response. However, governments are intransigent – there is little commitment to addressing the issue. They double down to look after the (present-day) economy.…

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CofA elections

I was thrilled as a resident of the South West of Adelaide City Council area to hear that Janet Giles was running for one of 2 positions as Area Councillor and that Keiran Snape will be re-running but this time as the South Ward Councillor. If you are eligible to vote in the council elections or if you know someone who is, please share this conversational podcast if you are…

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catharsis after loss

What an amazing afternoon it was in James and Annabelle Tillbrook’s  new and beautiful cellar door on Peramangk country. It was hard to imagine the devastation that occurred there over two and a half years ago. But when you see glass bottles twisted out of shape due to immense heat you begin to understand. 21 years of hard work destroyed in one afternoon. The bottles of HOPE wine are testament…

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free Julian

Dr David Faber talks about the continuing injustice in the imprisonment of Julian Assange

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doughnut futures

could doughnuts be the way of the future? Here is a bit of a tongue in cheek take on what it could look like

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the peoples grid

A fascinating conversation with Aaron Yew, Co-founder and CEO of the Peoples’ Grid. We started off talking about how states used to own our power stations but over time they have all been centralised and now is the time to decentralise. Christie Walk, where I have lived for nearly 16 years is an urban eco-community, 27 households on 2000square metres with much of it being green space and lots of…

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Conscious Cities

Deep time perspectives of place Forum hosted as part of the Conscious Cities Festival Monday 25th October 2021 MOD – University of South Australia, North Terrace Adelaide Australia is made up of over 350 different First Nations each with unique languages and ways of living, learning and being. For tens of thousands of years protocols have existed for First Nations Peoples to welcome visitors to their Country. Traditionally, visitors requested permission to…

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Dr Suter

I asked Dr Suter to comment on Australia’s involvement against apartheid. He does that and much more in this interesting and very relevant to now interview.   Dr Keith Suter is the Managing Director of the Global Directions think tank. He is an economic and social commentator, strategic planner, author and broadcaster. As a broadcaster, he appears on Australian radio an average of once per day. He is the TV…

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Gales Vienna

Irene and I have been working on putting her remarkable story together for ages now. Some of it we would like to publish as an audio book, some is probably just a record for family and friends. Here are 2 to begin with, about the family’s time in Vienna and then back to New Zealand. We tried it as just her voice but it sounded a little stilted so left…