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Tracey from APN

Tracey works very casually as a crowd intoxicator in the event hospitality industry and is an incredible advocate for people living on low incomes. She tells a very compelling story about what she did with the extra money she received when Newstart became Jobseeker. The interview was recorded last year but is very topical now, with lots of references to the perils of casualising the work force.  APN is the…

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Pru La Motte

A Way of Being. An exhibition put together by Pru’s daughter, Margie Medlin, actually in Pru’s Frida style house, showcasing the multi-dimensional talent of this amazing craftswoman, artist and feminist Pru La Motte. It was recorded on the opening day of the exhibition and captures the quirkiness that was Pru, with background noise and people wandering in and out. Anne Levy and Marjon Martin added their comments as they came…

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Lisa Lanzi

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Lisa, listen up as she talks about how she got through 2020 and her up and coming interactive gig, Pub Sing Lisa Lanzi has worked in all areas of the performing arts, securing her first professional gigs at only eight years of age.  Training extensively in her home town of Sydney in classical, tap, jazz and contemporary, Lisa worked as a freelance performer whilst…

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Chooks SA 3rd birthday

here we have chief chook Moira Were (pictured) talking about why she set up Chooks, what it stands for and how you can help celebrate the upcoming 3rd birthday. What a success story!

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Safety Banana: An amazing one woman show

  What better timing than on International Women’s Day to let people know about backpacker Cindy travelling solo around the world and now to Adelaide’s Fringe. But this is so much more than a travelogue, it takes the audience not just to distant places but also on an emotional journey. Read the review from  a Melbourne based critic. Gluttony The Masonic Lodge 10th – 15th 7:50pm @safetybanana