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Dr Amanda Ruler MAPW

Dr. Amanda Ruler is a Registered Nurse, with 45 years of clinical experience in the city and the bush.  Her qualifications include a double major degree in Biology and Psychology, Honours in Psychology, PhD in research. She has been a Vice President of the Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) for about 14 years. This is very interesting listening. In part 1 Amanda tells us a little about herself…

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Jim Green FOE

Dr Jim Green, Friends of the Earth anti-nuclear campaigner gives a frank and fascinating reflection in 2 parts on the past and current situation in terms of nuclear status in Australia.

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Lyn Longo’s story

After her and her late husband Don spent over a year of their life recording and transcribing 57 South Australian activist’s stories for the SA History Trust, Lyn has now begun to tell her life story. Tragically, due to systemic failures in our health system for Don Logo it was the last year of his life. This is 1 recording broken into 2 parts as Lyn reflects on her early…

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Emilis Prelgauskas

Part 1 Emilis Prelgauskas A fascinating glimpse into what constitutes a building performance specialist, covering compliance and developers minimalism and much more. Part 2  Climate change induced disasters, mitigation and in both sprinklings of the early days of Christie Walk. Emilis is a building performance specialist. His working life crosses the spectrum of built environment players – small and large development companies, contract work for local and state government, and…

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about adelaide chronicles

If you’re wondering what Adelaide Chronicles is all about you can find out here from my little spoken word piece. The picture of me is from when I had my hair shaved to support and raise money for people living with leukemia.  

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waterside workers hall

In 2023 Born on Monday choir sang the famous song Free Nelson Mandela for a documentary on the apartheid era for the  SA History Trust. It was recorded in the old Nile Street Waterside workers Hall. Ella and Anthony Pakpoy, the choir leaders arranged the song to suit the project and the music from the choir, pictured provided a back drop sound to some of the old posters that were…

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I gave Claire some words and she put this lovely song together Adelaide Chronicles Song  (Lyrics only) By Claire Gurry  ©2023   Chorus: Adelaide’s Adelaide chronicles, our stories unfold Kaurna Country, long history told Adelaide chronicles, wisdom connections Adelaide chronicles, we’ve futures to grow… Which way will we go?   Verse: Resisting by stitching and poetry, The wonder of plants and bees Dolphins and whales and clean water tales, justice for…

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we live in scary times

Adelaide born Mike Khizam is a long time anti-war campaigner and advocate for justice for Palestine. He was convenor of the movement against the Iraq War in 1990/91 and convenor of NOWAR (SA) during the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11. He is currently a member of the Australian Friends of Palestine Association executive and its spokesperson. Part 1 of an interesting chat about current affairs in Israel and…

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history of conflict in Israel

part 1 of a fascinating look at the long history behind Israel and Palestine with local historian Dr David Faber, which has special significance since recent events part 2 is a few minutes of reflection on the futility of war and starts with me saying I’m a subscriber of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot