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Gonda Perez

Gonda Perez was known as Phyllis Naidoo’s daughter and here from South Africa, Gonda is talking about her and what an amazing woman she was.

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Sybil Wakefield

Sybil Wakefield was born in Cape Town in 1941, and grew up in District Six, a vibrant, inner city multicultural area for so-called Coloured people. Sybil began her teaching career in Cape Town in the 1960s, and began voicing concerns about the racist education system with the education department.    Sybil’s family lived with the harsh realities of the Apartheid era, the racist laws determining where people of different backgrounds…

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Irene on Phyllis and Dennis

Anti-Apartheid activist Irene Gale talks about her lifelong friendship with Phyllis Naidoo, and friend Dennis Brutus, how the Gale family arrived in Chicago on the day that Steve Biko was killed, Dennis set up a Steve Biko Memorial Committee at the North Western University (where Jim Gale studied with him as one of his students) and together with many thousands of citizens and student they ended up being able to…

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ethical events

Three women passionate about the ethics of events. This is an engaging and fascinating conversation and is food for thought about how and what we, as citizens know about event management and it has huge implications. It was recorded at Christie Walk on unceded Kaurna land. The ethical events website, see below and the up coming forum is organised by Melanie Carter, Jane Edwards and Georgia Heath. “We are South…

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an expat view of apartheid

I have called Adelaide home for the last 50 years. I was born in South Africa of Scots, English, and probably most significantly, devout but politically-active Irish-Catholic stock (one of my uncles was the progressive and relentlessly anti-apartheid Catholic archbishop of Durban – Archbishop Denis Hurley). My family emigrated to Australia in 1972 to get us all as far away as possible from the military conscription, surveillance, and intimidation of…

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Armistice with Dr Faber

This podcast on historian, Dr David Faber’s reflections, is a comprehensive analysis of the meaning of Armistice and of war and peace and it ends with David’s admission that the current situation is all quite scary. It needs to be shared.  

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in part one Annabelle Tilbrook gives an amazing personal account of life after fire. Part 2 is heart warming story of community. I took the title recovery is not linear from something she says in part 2. It really resonated with me. For more pictures you can visit the website       James and Annabelle Tilbrook established Tilbrook Estate in 1999, after an extensive search of Australian cool…

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Sophia’s story

Sophia has a diverse background with the ‘red thread’ of always working towards ecological health. She began her career working on the Halifax EcoCity project, transitioned to community engagement before undertaking an MSc in Holistic Science at Scumacher College. Her study of complex systems science in her masters degree led her to her current passion where she works with embodied and playful practices to help people access their intuitive wisdom…

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PAM, progressive Australia Movement with an interview with Malcolm McDonnell and below a paper on localisation. Localization – towards greater community empowerment We have climate change. And the threat is severe. The very existence of all human life on earth is jeopardized. Climate change needs a strong response. However, governments are intransigent – there is little commitment to addressing the issue. They double down to look after the (present-day) economy.…

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CofA elections

I was thrilled as a resident of the South West of Adelaide City Council area to hear that Janet Giles was running for one of 2 positions as Area Councillor and that Keiran Snape will be re-running but this time as the South Ward Councillor. If you are eligible to vote in the council elections or if you know someone who is, please share this conversational podcast if you are…