A view of life in South Africa under apartheid

Sue Tilley gives us some fascinating insights into the dicomfort of privilege and the reality of living under apartheid rule. She goes on to talk about the similarites between the two countries, Sth Africa and Australia under colonialism and how when people awaken to the injustice around them they are compelled to act.

reflections from Irene Gale, an anti apartheid activist

This is the beginning of several stories, an assortment of anecdotes, emails and other recordings and readings that provide a brief insight into the anti-apartheid actions in Australia and New Zealand. Here Irene Gale, AM talks about her long- term relationship and combined activism with her dear South African friend Phyllis Naidoo.

Irene and son Roger Gale

Roger Gale, son of Irene and Jim Gale both renowned anti-apartheid activists, gives an account of his involvement in the Adelaide protest against the Springbok tour. The protest aimed to boycott sporting and other engagement with South Africa to reflect Australian’s disapproval of their government’s stance on segregation. Roger talks about the game being played at Adelaide oval but it was actually in Norwood.


round the bend co-op


It was a sheer fluke that Michael (also a resident of Christie Walk) and I bumped into Zainil and Michael but it was serendipitous that we did. Have a listen to their passion when talking about their home.”We aim to cooperatively live on and manage the land to protect, conserve and enjoy its indigenous nature.” But why “round the bend” We are part of the Bend of Islands community – hence “the Bend”. The phrase is also ironic. In the early 70s when the Co-op was formed, the idea that people would live in the bush to protect it, rather than exploit it, was seen as a bit crazy. We have proven the worth of our approach and the world has caught up with our ideals.


Carol Omer is an artist and certified Life Coach who specialises in women’s empowerment, change management and creating peace after domestic violence .She was a founding member of EarthSong Aboriginal Healing Pathways Foundation and former board member of Nunga Mi:Minars Aboriginal Women’s and Children’s Domestic Violence Shelter. Carol recognises the crucial role of the expertise, wisdom and authority of the First People of Australia as core to our capacity develop new solutions and move forward during these critical times.”. To get an understanding of this watch Two Brothers walking on NITV, available for a limited period

Sam Scammell on what it means to promote a future in which regeneration is the key

With over 30 years’ experience as a practicing lawyer and as a senior executive for major Australian companies, Sam now provides business mentoring and business development services to a number of organisations. Sam brings his diverse career experience and specialist expertise in the areas of law, governance and compliance to boards and community groups. His interests also include co-operative models and working toward a more circular economy promoting a regenerative, sustainable and inclusive future.

towards an alternative future


Nilmini and Steven have visited Adelaide on numerous occasions and they are always a source of inspiration. In this 2 part interview they talk about a whole range of possibilities towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Steven and Nilmini are mobile town planners who have lived and worked nomadically from their motorhome for more than 4 years. They are keen to change the current paradigm for land management and have a grand vision of creating a connected network of regenerative villages where your basic needs of food, water and energy are provided. They are keen for these places to also provide work opportunities and believe we must change how we live to be resilient to an uncertain future. They talk about the joys of being nomadic and why they are keen to advocate for changes to local government policy.

The Darwin to Adelaide Solar car race

Julie Conway, Kirsty Martinsen and I were admiring the view from my new Christie Walk apartment when Tom Wright Julie’s nephew called to say he was on his way up. Tom had just the day before arrived in Adelaide after a gruelling but exciting solar car race. Tom and his team got in 2nd place and received line honours for their category. He had so many stories to tell I thought I’d capture some of them. Ever wondered what it would be like in one of those cars of the future, well listen up.