Cindy Sweats personal pandemic

this podcast captures what happens when you put into lockdown for well over 100 days, a performer, an artist, an extrovert, and an amazing business woman who transformed her story and her way of being into a lockdown coping mechanism for other people that ended up making a profit in a time when so many artists were going broke . And this is all the while she is slipping into her own version of madness.

There are 3 stories here, Cindy the Safety banana performer, Cindy in lockdown and how she gets through it and the Cindy Sweats post viral performer.






BLM 1and 2

Psychiatrist Dr Nick was incredibly generous with his time and expertise. In these 2 episodes he talks about the Black Lives Matter movement, the situation in Hong Kong and other anxiety triggers. Unfortunately there is a lot of background noise in the recording, but what he says is so worth hearing.


Love your neighbour; a facebook page

Mark Riessen resides in the Adelaide Hills with his wife of 20 years, Verity and their 3 primary school aged children. He is passionate about serving his community. Love your neighbour is a wonderful example of how he goes about pursuing his passions. He works as an educator/trainer, public speaker and consultant. We all should join and practice loving your neighbour, virus or not.