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no nuclear Kimba

Andrew Williams has been following the machinations from the Commonwealth government to convince  South Australia to host a nuclear waste facility for years and for a while it looked like it wasn’t going to happen here, but despite laws being passed that should prevent it happening it is now firmly again on the agenda. A half page advertisement in the Whyalla News in October 2019 has galvanised him and others…

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Springbok tour 1971

Interview conducted February 2021 on unceded Kaurna land. Always was, always will be.   Irene’s reflections on the Springbok tour. We had arrived in Adelaide from NZ a couple of months before, and the family had spent most of the time in and around Elizabeth. The airport was an amazing sight!  There were so many people – I would guess many thousands – they were not only filling the building,…

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Fabrik and recovery

This interview was conducted in Melinda’s beautiful straw bale home on the land of the Kaurna people, sovereignty never ceded. It is about fabrik and blankets and art and bushfires and recovery. It is important and inspirational and is just the beginning of a long story waiting to be told. This is an image of the drawing on the wall by Belinda Broughton, she lost her house and drew a…

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algorithms and such

Another interesting chat with psychiatrist Dr Nick, full of insights, ideas and recommendations to follow up on

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Sustainable Prosperity

This second interview with Gabie was conducted on the land of the Kaurna people and it captures this unique moment in time hopefully coming out of the pandemic. Gabie talks about the 10 week iso on line sessions she hosted and where to from there. It will be very interesting to look back on in a few months. She also promotes Stephanie Kelton’s book the Deficit Myth and the plan…

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Citizen’s assembly with Sonia Randhawa

Dr Sonia Randhawa is a founder of the Coalition of Everyone, an organisation with the vision of disrupting the politics of despair and building a politics of hope through participatory, deliberative democratic initiatives. Within the Coalition, she focuses on Citizens’ Assemblies, building capacity for deepening democracy through working with local councils, schools and other organisations to increase awareness of Citizens’ Assemblies. She now spends her time talking with local groups,…

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Reflections from an Emergency Department Physician during the Covid19 crisis

Dr Ken gives us some fascinating insights into his work and his keen interest in viruses and the cruise ship catastrophe. In part two, Dr Ken outlines the many “forgotten lessons” from previous virus outbreaks, how ill-prepared most countries were, even though many predicted this could happen and the many lessons that will be learned from this.

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poem for play

this little piece informs a play that will be performed early next year and an exciting development that for now is called Portside Innovative Project.