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I gave Claire some words and she put this lovely song together

Adelaide Chronicles Song  (Lyrics only)

By Claire Gurry  ©2023



Adelaide’s Adelaide chronicles, our stories unfold

Kaurna Country, long history told

Adelaide chronicles, wisdom connections

Adelaide chronicles, we’ve futures to grow…

Which way will we go?



Resisting by stitching and poetry,

The wonder of plants and bees

Dolphins and whales and clean water tales,

justice for refugees.



We nurture our future in stories

sharing sustains us all

(So) sit down and listen to wisdom of old

of people, places and simple joys…

With the freedom to grow !



Adelaide chronicles, we’ve only just begun

Adelaide’s chronicles short history, Is nature undone?

Kaurna Country, Long History Told

Kaurna Country, with futures to grow…

What seeds will we sow?




Tell me a story of joy that’ll have me in stitches.

Build me a tale of change to weave and enrich us.

Greening our streets and our dunes,

Kindness walking our hills and beaches.

Choirs and spoken word truths,

action, harmony, history…

What do you want to know?



Adelaide’s Adelaide Chronicles, Our future unfolds

Kaurna Country, Our stories will grow.

Adelaide’s Adelaide Chronicles, our future unfolds

Kaurna Country, and our stories will grow…

Sustaining us all.

I gave Claire some words and she put this lovely song together