Posted on: December 8, 2023 Posted by: Sue Gilbey Comments: 0

waterside workers hall

In 2023 Born on Monday choir sang the famous song Free Nelson Mandela for a documentary on the apartheid era for the  SA History Trust. It was recorded in the old Nile Street Waterside workers Hall.

Ella and Anthony Pakpoy, the choir leaders arranged the song to suit the project and the music from the choir, pictured provided a back drop sound to some of the old posters that were used in the film.

The feeling in that historical old building that has seen and been such  a huge part of Port Adelaide activism for decades was tangible and spontaneously, people started to talk about that.

This 2 part recording, is an attempt to recreate some of those reflections and while the sound quality is very poor, peoples’ reactions are quite precious.

The documentary can be viewed here