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a 3 way interview   Well this is something new. Michael Bayliss from the Post Growth Australia podcast did an interview with me here where I live at Christie Walk. It was very strange for me being on the other side of the interview, so here it is, a short interview about my story then an interview with Mark Allen from Wholistic Activism and Town Planning Rebellion and then a discussion with Michael,…

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Uluru statement

  Thomas, author of 4 books including Finding the Heart of our Nation talking here telling the story and the backstory to the Uluru Statement of the Heart, also talking about his other books and why he wrote them. Compelling stuff.     Thomas Mayor reading the statement, mobile to mobile, I sprang it on him and he read out there and then, he knows it by heart.  

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fabric of life

Mary Jose’s delightful studio, listen to this fascinating interview of the importance of story and culture, woven on to fabric. Beautiful fabrics of all shapes and sizes depicting time and place and from all over the world. To find out more visit This interview was conducted on Kaurna land. Always was, always will be.  

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perpetual light

I am honoured to be able to say I have a copy of this beautiful book; I’ve read it 3 times now and each time I get more from it. Have a listen to the author, Julian Aguon giving these 2 readings as well as an explanation of how this book came about. The interview sound quality is not great, mobile to mobile, Guam to Adelaide Australia, but it is…

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Greg Mackie

Another 3 part fascinating insight in the continuation of Greg’s story, his take on the role that the arts, history and good local governance plays towards achieving a sustainable inclusive future  

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ACC councillor

Local advocate for city living, accessibility and sustainability Keiran Snape is talking here about his hopes to become area Councillor for the City of Adelaide and the platforms he will be standing on.

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more on Fabrik

a fascinating re-look at the Onkaparinga mill, a unique opportunity for future planning that recognises the past and looks to the future. This just keeps on getting better    

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Fabrik and recovery

This interview was conducted in Melinda’s beautiful straw bale home on the land of the Kaurna people, sovereignty never ceded. It is about fabrik and blankets and art and bushfires and recovery. It is important and inspirational and is just the beginning of a long story waiting to be told. This is an image of the drawing on the wall by Belinda Broughton, she lost her house and drew a…

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SW Community Centre

Marjon Martin has lived in the inner city of Adelaide since 1994. Born in the Netherlands and from the age of 8  grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. After a fair bit of travel around the world she chose Adelaide as the place to live. “I think the strength of communities determines the quality of life we lead. I enjoy telling stories as a means of sharing experiences.”…

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This short conversation with Sharon Ede is a teaser for a longer interview that will go into more depth on Sharon’s new book MAGE which will be launched in mid-March. First let me say I loved it; I reckon it has something for everyone. Because our chat was mobile to mobile there are some digital crackles, but it is enough to whet your appetite for more of what MAGE offers.…