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Hearts with Angelena and Liam

Angelena Harridine Buckskin set up HEARTS (Health, Education, Arts, Resources and Training) some time ago and she has lately teamed up with Liam Clancy a Consultant in the Community Services Sector and NDIS Consultant and by working together through HEARTS they show what can be done. This is part 1 of an interview that is all about people working together.

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A throwaway planet

Damon has painted and thrown away thousands of little planets. How many will it take? A fabulous artistic metaphor. I talk to Damon here about why he is so passionate about this

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Joseph Camilleri is coming to Adelaide

we have invited Prof Camilleri to Adelaide  He has committed to making “a presentation that has real teeth to it, . . . . against the backdrop of the current political landscape in Australia and internationally, and what a “Just Peace” agenda for Australia might look like as ominous clouds loom on the horizon.”  Prof Camiilleri will talk about the 3 triads needed for us to live a peaceful and…

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Caren’s insights on how a truly sustainable future looks, when the First People and migrants and everyone is included in the planning.

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Mohammad Al-Khafaji

Mohammad has some fascinating and insightful ideas here on what we need to do to achieve an inclusive sustainable future and a way forward for Australia. 

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This was recorded just a couple of days before my good friend died. He was thrilled with the idea that his voice and his opinions on living sustainably could be saved and heard long after his death.

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Bill Kelly

Last year Sue interviewed Bill Kelly on whether art can stop a bullet.

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Yvonne Agius and Maria Axleby

A delightful glimpse into the early life of these sisters (pictured with daughter Cheryl)  living in Waymouth Street with their mum and siblings. Light Square was one of the favourite places for kids to play and once you’ve heard this we reckon you’ll join in the call to have the square re-named as the Laura Agius Reserve.

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Ali Gumillya Baker

Ali, I hope everyone gets to hear these wonderful reflections. Dr Ali Gumillya Baker (Mirning Nation, Nullarbor) Associate Professor in Indigenous Studies and Creative Arts, brings curatorial, Indigenous history and arts scholarship, including innovative methodological approaches to theory that intersect memory/archive/sovereign creative-practice led research. She has extensive management and administrative skills through her leadership and staff/student supervision roles at within tertiary education, and with State and National Government Committees, and…